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The theory that drives Full Circle is that we are not just the sum of our experiences and genetic material. Then what defines us? If two people shared the same experiences in life would they be the same person? Probably not. We are all unique, and there is something else underneath it all at each person's core.

This comic is an experiment in reincarnation and character study; an examination of personality, psychology, and karmic repercussions. It's questions about how and why people think, behave, respond to the world around them, and remain distinct individuals. When an elaborate world was wrapped around these questions, these characters were the enigmatic replies.

This is why during the past nine years, as we obsessively explored as many "what ifs" as we could think of, and the occasional neglected family member or friend asked "So, what's your story about?" all we could do was stutter and blink at them.

Here's our latest attempt to answer that question. ~_^

On the surface, Full Circle is a science-fiction fantasy about a culture of selected Immortals, their dysfunctions, past lives, interactions, and relationships, in a sort of soap-opera fashion. A pissy assassin being trained for immortality by a sweet fluffy Vegan and so on and so forth. Alien worlds, magic, true love, psychic abilities, sex, violence... all that fun stuff, and if you can guess which past life incarnations are who without looking at the Ensemble page, you get a cookie.

The decision to make Full Circle a comic was inspired by both SR's stint in Art School and of course our love of comics that was forged by ElfQuest. We've both been lifetime fans and SR's art style was influenced by Wendy Pini.

Richard Pini amazingly took time out of his busy schedule once to answer our questions about putting out a comic. (He has since posted an editorial resource titled "So You Want to Get Into Self-Publishing" that you can find by clicking here or by logging onto the Elfquest.com website.) He worried he was discouraging us, but we're as determined as ever! Thanks again, Richard.

Though we're not in print yet we are on our way and feel comicgenesis is the perfect place to get our foot in the door and our madness out into the world.

How did this madness start? We met in high school drama class, where we spent more time observing than acting, and began trading our writing and sketchbooks. Stories had been floating around in our heads for years, but they really began to take shape as we questioned and challenged each other (along with a few others who came in and out). This survived a separation of 1200 miles a couple of years later during which (pre-email) we ran to the mail box every day for eachother's letters and cassette tapes. The stories were still separate though until a summer trip around Colorado. Thanks for this go to Dariel! It was then a cross-over was attempted just for fun, and the cross-over snowballed and took on a life of its own.

It's been growing and developing ever since, through 3 moves (finally, email!), a broken wrist, college, bankruptcy, and falling in love (among other things, not in that order). Through the drama, always learning, our writing has kept us alive. Full Circle is our life's work. It's our love-child.

The characters are central, as is the case with pretty much anything you'll find on our Links. These personalities drive the story. Everything else is just occasional problems thrown at them to see what they'll do. They have a life of their own. The kids make us crazy, filling us with everything from transcendent delight to heart-wrenching pain. We know every intimate detail of each of these characters and many of their incarnations.

If you're curious about anything non-spoiler related, just ask. There is a Livejournal Community, Tag Board (at the bottom of the home page, and Forum. If we don't know initially, we'll all learn something new!

Living currently in Arizona with aspirations of ending up in either Oregon or British Columbia, Canada, we hope to one day have the right to get married and currently share a home with our adopted babies:

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FalkorBowie BunnyGomez the BPNeptune the Blue BeautyUnut

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