Now that you're indoctrinated, feel free to wander from world to world as you please. Below are portals to various places we've been and would like to share. Please heed the descriptions, however, as some worlds may be too much for some travelers.


Elf Quest ~The series that turned us on to comics in the first place! A fantasy epic of the world of Two Moons and the Elf Tribes that dwell there. Breathtaking artwork and wonderful characters, Elf Quest will always be the definitive fantasy graphic novels. We'd also like to thank Richard Pini of Elf Quest for his advice and encouragement in following our dream, perhaps someday Full Circle will be stocked right behind EQ under 'F' /(~v^)\. Probably a PG or PG-13 rating, they're reprinting the graphic novels now in refurbished color! Without ElfQuest who knows what we'd be doing with ourselves. Thank you WaRP!

Strangers in Paradise ~The second physical comic book we started collecting, SIP is the story of three friends (Francine, Katchoo and David) and the people they fall in and out of love with. It's a tale of dark pasts and hopeful futures, double-crosses and true friendship, love and hate... it's a story of real life, kicked up a notch. Probably an 'R' rating, but more than worth the trip to the comic book store! Very addictive. Terry is an evil man, who inspires us to be evil and mysterious in our story line revelations as well. ;)

Noh TV ~ This is the site of brilliant artist, David Mack. His series follows the lives of the Japanese Noh secret agents. Beautiful, dark, and dramatic, the artwork is surreal and the story line mesmerizing. He uses so many mediums in such a breathtaking way. Certainly not for kids, 'R' for violence and the whole thing is deeply cerebral.

Linsner ~ This man is insane in a beautiful, beautiful way. JML is most well-known for Dawn, his personal representation of the Mother Goddess, prominent in dozens of ancient (and modern) religions. JML's mix of heartfelt writing and beautiful art, sprinkled with his personal mix of theology and iconography, have struck a chord with thousands of fans. The anatomy is amazing, and yes his work is actually *painted*! Some of his work is more PG-13/R than others. The Dawn series is absolutely gorgeous.

Neil Gaiman ~ Neil Gaiman isn't a comic, but he may was well be! He is a brilliant writer and the genius behind Sandman, The Books of Magic, Neverwhere, and much much more! Sandman is classic Vertigo comics, and Death is utterly adorable in these series. Clever, lovely, insightful stuff, if you haven't read him already take a look! And if you have, then you know what I'm talking about!

Harley's Haven ~ A site dedicated to the antics of one of Gothams favorite vamps... Harley Quinn! I add this under the comic section because she had another series I am (was L) addicted too. Since the series has been discontinued, I now try to complete my Harley Quinn comics collection and always keep an eye open for stuff with her in it. She's cute, funny, insane, and reminds me of one of my own characters... Rated as 'G' or 'PG' as the Batman animated series!


Ozy & Millie ~ Wisdom for short attention spans. An adorable anthropomorphic comic that disperses wisdom and humor all in just a few frames. Innocently cynical with lovable characters! *gives Ozy a hug!* Some political humor may go over kids heads, but otherwise recommended for everybody! Web G

Adam & Andy ~ This is the story of two long term committed men struggling to maintain their humor, sanity, and a clean house. We have found this comic to be easily related to our own life, and highly recommend buying the book! Gay couples are just like any other, and here it is beautifully illustrated with cute day to day humor. Web PG, if that.

Jenniverse ~ Jenniverse is the works and pages of the amazing Jennifer Diane Reitz. She has all of our respect as an artist and as a woman who has been through Hell and back. She creates whimsical self contained worlds of exquisite detail. Philosophical science-fiction manga flavored with her own personal experiences, I don't think I could possibly put into a short paragraph all you will find here. Complex, beautiful, cute and painfully honest. I don't know how to rate it, I couldn't possibly, so read through the index page to judge for yourself.

Girly ~ Girly is a cute and strange story of a girl full of teenaged angst, who then meets and falls for another girl who is a sweet, complete and total weirdo. Lovely anime-ish style in an almost reality based humor comic. Wackiness specked with moments of sincere feeling, or is it the other way around... Web PG 13

Elf Only Inn Ever been in a chatroom? Ever been in an RP chatroom? Then you must read EOI. It is absolutely hilarious and disturbingly realistic all at once. You'll likely recognize these folks as about 90% of the general chatting public. As their icons/online IC personas, these lovable characters have never met, but their relationships are real and highly amusing! Web 14

Zebra Girl ~ Whoa, a webcomic that the Skunk reads! He generally doesn't care for comics (irony of ironies) but he adores this one! You should too. A comic about love, hate, and spontanious combustion. Dark humor, demons, angst, and drama ensues in sharp, skillful black and white!

Friendly Hostility ~ A cute newer comic by the same author of Boy meets Boy. It's the story of a cute couple, their children, and uncle Rafi... Family Hijinks ensue. Probably Web PG, or whatever they're rating sitcoms these days. Friendly Hostility is funnier than your average sitcom though and WAY more original. Take a peek for yourself!

Our Home Planet ~ Cannibal aliens named Zukie and Pepito posing as Swedish masseurs to tenderize people. It's all downhill from there. Accidental marriages, bounty hunters... All in all, a *highly* amusing comic! Adult situations, however, so no kiddies here. Probably Web MA. Cute and insane, you must start this one from the beginning.

Sin Fest ~A very ironically titled (though, yes, on the mature reader side sometimes) modern, liberal Christian comic. Fun, relate-able humor for most open minded individuals of almost any faith. Day to day humor regarding religion and just living in general. The devil with a booth that looks rather like a lemonade stand selling 'anything you want' for souls, and God using a hand puppet in the clouds to communicate with the world. Even an Eastern Dragon for a little variety. Web PG-13

Men in Hats ~ The gripping story of 6 guys who stand around in the desert... talking... sometimes they have breakfast. An amusing strip of cynical nonsense. If it's rated at all I can't imagine how. PG, maybe? Regardless, it's hilarious!

Ceph ~ Mature Adults only! Ceph is a *beautifully* rendered sci-fi comic with coloring that is absolutely stunning. Ceph is a member of an ancient alien race, who came to Earth well before our ancestors crawled out of the oceans. As homo sapiens evolved, the aliens became aware of their growing sentience. They decided to create an avatar that would interact with humans and feed that information into their massive collective mind. Ceph was created with one intent, to be as human as it--he or she, can be. This story is about the last of the Ceph to live on our planet, because 30 million years in the future, the Earth is doomed... Web MA

Lacunae ~ The book of missing spaces. This is a very dark gothic comic set in a ruined future of an anthropomorphic world. A plague swept over the world, killing the majority of those there and changing others. Those changed became second class citizens, worse they became hunted. Hauntingly rendered this is obviously Web MA and can be very intense. For those with gothic leanings and a fondness for unusual art, a must.

Fallen Angel Used Books~ How to describe Fallen Angel Used Books... Beautiful, mystifying, strange... A unique, realistic art style combined with a very soulful, magical storyline. I'm really not sure what else to say, except... Check it out!

Loxie and Zoot~ A very cute and innocent Disney-like comic about Nudists. Yep, the Koala Bay Bares are a nudist resort off in Australia and just trying to mind their own buisness and relax. No sex, no swearing, completely G rated *but* be aware there's no censoring of the nudist lifestyle. Mature, open minds only! I'd never be able to do it myself, but I have to admire their healthy attitudes about their bodies!

Questionable Content ~ I'll be the first to admit I don't know much about Indie music or culture, but I do know I love this comic. I've even started listening to the music as he's peaked my curiousity and it is good stuff. The story follows Marten, a music nerd and all around nice guy, his anthropomorphic PC named Pintsize, and Faye who moved in with him after she accidentally burned her apartment building down while trying to make toast. Some adult conversations though, so if you're not sure take the title to heart.

Carpe Diem ~ Wow... Impressive anthromorphic art and a touching story about a group of friends just experiencing life. Charming, enticing, and beautifully rendered. Rated Web PG, as far as I can tell. /(^v^)\ Good stuff!

Hello Cthulhu~ I'm sure you're familiar with Hello Kitty. Well, Cthulhu the Dark Lord and his Lovecraftian friends have been dropped into Hello Kitty's world. They are cute, and there is nothing they can do about it. This site has no banner, but it was too adorable for me to pass up. Neko levels of cute. Probably Web PG or G. Poor Cthulhu... all he wants to do is create pain and madness, but he can't get those pesky pretty multi-colored bows off his tentacles...

The Tragedy of Ivoryweald ~ A lovely story based off of White Wolf Game's forgotten child, Changeling: The Dreaming. But don't worry, even if you're not familiar the author fills you in so you don't feel lost ;) A delightful fantasy in black and white. Also... gotta love the Pooka.

Better Days ~ ~Better Days is a very different Furry comic that follows the life of Fisk, a young man from Georgia growing up in a broken home, and finding his role in life. The result is a blend of comedic and serious moments along the way. Realistic themes, in an anthropomorphic world. Web PG-13

Slop~ Chilling and fascinating pychological anthropomorphic thriller about a serial killing boar. ADULTS ONLY! No punches pulled on this one...


Blue Gorgon ~ Sheree Rehema's Vietnamese Blue Beauties and Medusa art! Curious about art commissions and the other work I do? This is the place to look!

Wildlife Warriors ~ Established by Steve & Terri Irwin in 2002, Wildlife Warriors is dedicated to raising awareness about wildlife issues and supporting the protection of injured, threatened, or endangered wildlife. From biological research to Emergency Wildlife Response, this nonprofit organization is a great way for people who love herps to get involved.

The Human Rights Campaign ~ Working for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equal rights! You can help and learn about the cause! We're just like any other couples/people and should be treated as such. Learn about how the laws work, and what's really going on.

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund ~ The CBLDF exists to fight censorship and defend the first amendment rights of comic book professionals throughout the United States. If you care about comics and freedom of speech, please support this organization!

Friends of Lulu ~ Comics are for Everyone! Friends of Lulu is a national organization whose main purpose is to promote and encourage female readership and participation in the comic book industry.

Spirit Whispers and Heart Songs ~ SR's Mother's page of heartfelt poetry and soul sounds. She is a Reiki practitioner, a poet, ever supportive, and an all around cool lady with the heart of a unicorn. /(^v^)\ Her ability to discover new ideas never ceases to amaze me. Keep up the good work, Mom!

~ Amarin Astarte~ A very talented writer, artist, and a long time friend of ours. We met in art school, and we've been tight since. She's creative, fun, a virtual fount of strange facts, and a self proclaimed Gonzo weirdo! Lovely artwork, mesmerizing fanfic, and adventures in indoor peafowl!

Hannah Fury ~ An amazing musician, whose work is beautifully haunting. Talk about a mood setter. One of our characters (I didn't really get a feel for until we discovered Ms. Fury's music) will listen to *nothing* but Hannah. A sweet, amazing, gifted woman with very gothic sensibilities. A must experience for anyone with an appreciation for dark, but eerily soothing, music.

Tyto Alba's Art and More ~ Tyto Alba is SR's kindred spirit twin, like a long lost brother. Birds of a feather and so much in common it's scary! Check out his insightful quizzes, owlish artwork, games, and fantastic graphics!

Shamanism, working with Animal Spirits~ A wonderful site with dozens of brief descriptions of animal totems, their pictures, and soundbytes (for some). Lots of variety, and even unusual/mythical/and extinct creatures! We also recommend Animal Speak and Animal Wise both by Ted Andrews for more on totems and their interpretations.

Vischeck~ Eryk is colorblind, and his form of colorblindness is called Protanope. This is a fascinating site that lets you see images and (most)websites through the eyes of people like Eryk and with other forms of colorblindness. There's even downloads, take a look!

Dark Natasha ~ Is the most remarkable anthropomorphic artist we have ever seen! Absolutely beautiful detail in her prints, costumes, and sculpture. You have to see it to believe it, it's just gorgeous. She's extremely talented. Her more mature pages are marked as such, so go ahead and check this site out!

Blambot ~ Obviously, the lovely lettering in Full Circle is not our handwriting. No, our fonts are thanks to both all the fonts that just come with most 'puters these days and the wonderful, generous Blambot! All kinds of free, crazy fonts for webcomic artists!

Zombo.com~ You can do anything at Zombo.com. The only limit is yourself. Web G.

And last, but of course not least, links to us! Feel free to use any of these banners for your linking needs. We'd love to have you again. Bring your friends!


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