The alien creature that calls you ‘Potential’ wastes no time in plucking you from the secure, sane world you understand.   It draws a strangely decorated knife, smiles reassuringly at you, and rests the blade in it‘s hand.    "Prepare yourself, it’s always a shock the first time."

You can’t help but flinch as it suddenly flicks the knife across the air in a graceful slash.    Not at you, however.    It seems to have torn a hole in the fabric of space and time, right through the very air.   It pulls one elastic fringe of the portal aside for you and gestures for you to go through into the brightness.
You step into to a strange, overwhelming dimension; an open sky full of shifting color and magic with extraterrestrial buildings that look at once ancient and innovative.    Here you will find massive spherical libraries full of books and strange creatures from all over the Universe: benevolent, malevolent and apathetic alike.    This is where you'll learn what it's all about.    What you’re about to become, and where your new life will take you.


Keeper  A person selected due to special abilities or circumstances to take a different step in life’s evolution. To become a Keeper a person drinks a potion that grants eternal life, the gift of tongues, an athame, and telepathy. Usually initiated through an apprenticeship.

Transient   Anyone who is not a Keeper and can die of old age. A mortal. Derived from the meaning "lasting or staying only a short time" or "fleeting".

Athame   A knife attuned to each individual Keeper. Its only possible use is to open portals in spatial fabric for traveling purposes. These portals are the only way to reach Cosimanos. Not to be confused with Wiccan ritual blade of the same name.

Cosimanos    A dimension which exists on a separate plane from all other worlds. A gathering place and governing seat for Keepers.

Athenaeum   The name given to Cosimanos' five spherical libraries. In addition to housing books, three of the Athenaeums also contain Assemblies.

Assembly   An Assembly acts as representative and power center for its Alignment. Each one is comprised of three Masters and the numerous members who report to them.

Alignment    The aura Keepers can sense about each other that denotes a person's behavioral tendencies. The four types are described below.

Light: Light Keepers are known for being compassionate and doing whatever they can to benefit others. Honest, selfless, moral, and good is their reputation.

Dark: Dark Keepers are known for being willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want. Self-absorbed, obsessive, and dangerous is their reputation.

Life: Life Keepers are organized naturalists/environmentalists and most often Doyens. They tend to do whatever benefits their perception of the greater good.

Unaffiliated: Any Keeper that doesn’t fall into the other three categories. The majority of vagabonds are unaffiliated.

Doyen & Place of Power   When a Keeper decides to focus his/her/its energy and talents on a particular planet they can choose to become a Doyen. To become a Doyen a Keeper goes to the Athenaeum of Records in Cosimanos and there officially claims the planet as their Place of Power. As a Doyen a Keeper has access to spells and magic other Keepers don’t in regard to their Place of Power. This gives them an advantage in managing the planet and its Transients.

Vagabond   A Keeper without a Place of Power who travels frequently, wandering from world to world.

Trueform    The natural form of a Keeper, when they are not shape shifted to look like a Transient species or under the influence of a vanity spell.

Komyn    A language used and understood only by Keepers, it cannot be learned except by drinking the Keeper potion.

Scrying    The skill of using an implement you are attuned with to watch/ listen to (depending on your ability level) things happening elsewhere. This is an especially useful tool for Doyens. Experienced Keepers can block others from watching them.

Seeing   The ability to look into the Past or into the Future. Future Seeing gives multiple possibilities and nothing is set in stone, but many Doyens find it useful to see what could likely happen if they take certain steps.   Past Seeing is more clear and at higher skill levels one can look into the past lives of themself and others.

Favors   What Keepers use in place of money, a Favor is an official agreement that is magically enforced. The more people who owe you, the "wealthier" you are considered.

You are invited to ask further questions, within reason of course, and the strange being looks at you expectantly. Once your new Mentor has explained these things, it poses to you the inevitable offer.  Will you leave your old life behind or pretend this never happened?   You are offered the potion, which upon accepting you find to be the most putrid stuff you’ve ever tasted!

Now you can sense your own Alignment, and everything seems different…

Welcome. You have a long, strange journey ahead of you.

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